School Lunches


When children eat their school lunch they don’t have time to munch their way through an apple or an orange, but they can gobble up a strip of Solarfruit in no time!

By putting a Solarfruit Fruit Bar pack (20g) into their lunch box, you can be confident they will eat two pieces of fruit a day, and be pleased that your money has been well spent.

By putting Solarfruit into your child’s lunch box you

  • Know your child is eating more fruit
  • Satisfy your child’s desire for sweets with a healthy, natural sweet treat
  • Save money – no more wasted, bruised fruit to throw out when you are washing the lunch box ready for tomorrow

Many people have already discovered that Solarfruit is an easy way to eat more fruit very quickly. Solarfruit products are made from sun-ripened Australian fruit with no added colours or flavours.

Solarfruit is concentrated, fresh stone fruit with less than 2% added cane sugar and minimal amounts of preservative (E224). No preservative is added to the finished product and only a minimal amount is used during the processing which sterilises the fruit pulp killing any yeast or bacteria naturally present in the fruit. Solarfruit is fresh fruit which has simply been pulped and sun dried. The fruit has not been cooked, so Solarfruit retains more of the natural nutrients and vitamins than other fruit bars.

“Health professionals recommend we eat more fruit and vegetables.” The West Australian “Sunday Times” 14 October 2001, reported the following facts: * children under 11 should eat 1 to 2 serves of fruit a day

  • 31% of 4 – 7 year old West Australian children, and 59% in the 9 – 11 year old group do not eat fruit
  • the average intake of those who do have fruit, is below the recommended amount