Factory Tour


The premium quality stonefruit used in Solarfruit products are grown locally. Tree ripened in the clean, fresh country air of the Donnybrook hills about 3 hours south of Perth, Western Australia.


Fruit intended for processing into solarfruit products is carefully hand picked when ripe on the tree, premium fruit is required to ensure the quality of each Solarfruit batch.


Prior to being accepted for processing into Solarfruit, the fruit is hand checked for ripeness and quality. It is crucial to understand the right time to pick each fruit for the best taste.


Selected ripe fruit proceeds through to washing and pulping for a clean, natural and crisp flavour in the final product. Clean fruit is important for a consistent and wonderful flavour.

Processing & Final Testing

After processing, the rich fruit pulp is checked for quality and consistency prior to sun drying. Each batch is checked regularly to make sure the the fruit is dried to perfection.